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Family Law

We understand that whether navigating the difficult waters of a divorcing a spouse or helping determine who takes custody of a child, people are at the center of everything we do. In these situations, the traditional ideas of “winners” and “losers” often have to be rethought. To this end, we pride ourselves on our ability to work together with our clients to define their goals and tailor our approach to achieve them.

At ETC, we pride ourselves on being compassionate, empathetic resources for our clients as we work through whatever issues arise.  We care deeply about our clients on a professional level, but we care even more on a personal level. We believe that many firms overlook the “counsel” part of “legal counsel,” we take seriously our role as a support system for those with whom we work.

Our background also provides us with a wealth of business knowledge that gives us a unique perspective when dealing with family law matters.  We are able to offer our clients valuable insight on how this can affect businesses, investments, compensation packages, retirement benefits, stock options, and a variety of other specific financial considerations.

We believe that by creating honest, open partnerships with our clients, the decisions we ultimately make will be the right ones. Certainly, this does not mean making decisions will always be easy, but we will work hard to ensure the best outcome for our clients and their children.