Texas Local Counsel

Out-of-state lawyers routinely hire Estes Thorne & Carr as Texas “local counsel” in a wide variety of cases, in both state and federal courts. We advise out-of-state lawyers on local rules, local customs, and specific practices of judges and courts. Our services run the gamut, from assisting with discovery, handling hearings or briefing assignments, preparing and presenting witnesses, picking juries, addressing conflicts of interest, or generally providing “intel” on all things local. We can help lead counsel navigate the nuances of Texas state-court practice, such as, for example, dealing with special exceptions, or special appearances, or any of the other procedures that make Texas state-court practice unique. And then, of course, we can always advise on the proper “Texas” pronunciation of important terms, like “voir dire” and “cattywampus.” Ultimately, we are willing team players, in state or federal court, and we are happy to help you with your case.